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NAV Night & bible studies

Tuesdays @ 7pm

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With the realities of COVID-19, our NavNight & Bible Study combined night has shifted to ONLINE, Tuesday nights at 7PM.  After a short time of fellowship, announcements, and encouragement from the Word, we will break out into small-group bible studies (be it in-person or virtual), depending on your gender and year. 
Abiding by GT policies, some small group bible studies are socially distanced in-person on campus , and others are remaining virtual. Please sign up below to receive updates.
Interested in Discipleship?
Do you yearn to be mentored, learn more about Jesus, faith, and/or ask questions? And/or, do you desire to mentor someone else but don't know how? We have one-to-one options as well as group discipleship. Please contact us, we'd love to meet you! 

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